Reference Pyrs

Legacy’s Princess Kiara

Kiara is 6 1/2 years old. She had her first litter in 2008, her second in 2010, and her third in the spring of ’12.  A very energetic girl, she still acts like a puppy whenever there is another Pyr around!   She is extremely intelligent and desiring to please, and exceptionally loyal to us, her people family.   She is obedient and eager to “shoot out” to investigate anything suspicious.  Kiara had trouble w/poultry in the early days, but is one of our dependable poultry guardians right now. Kiara works very well alone, but enjoys the company of another Pyr, as they all do. Kiara also enjoys a visit from us during chores, or whenever we have time to stop in and visit. It is very normal, even expected, that Pyrs need time to develop into a reliable poultry guard. Kiara is a testament to this. We are very proud of her, and are grateful for all the good lessons we have learned along the way. Kiara is smart and “cares” very much about her job. She is curious about what is going on outside the chicken yard, but accepts whatever job we give her, obediently. When observing Kiara, one will see her making frequent rounds about her yard, checking in the hen house, barking at anything beyond the yard or in the sky, or responding to the barks of the other dogs. Kiara is one awesome girl.

Update:  Kiara has given us 26 beautiful Great Pyrenees Puppies, and that is enough for her.  She has recently been spayed, and we look forward to enjoying Kiara in her retirement, and hopefully for many more years to come.  She is so special to us, as the one which got us started in this amazing world of Great Pyrenees ownership.

 Legacy’s Safe Haven

“Haven” is 4 and 1/2  years old, the daughter of Smokey and Kiara, from Kiara’s first litter in 2008.  Haven has been one of those Pyrs that was so “easy” to raise for LGD work.  She just never acted naughty, even when she was in adolescence.  She is regal, gorgeous in coat and body, and serious about her job.   In demeanor, she is calm and very “even keeled.”  However, she is “cheerful” and fully energetic in her job.  She loves people and has never caused any issue with another dog;  not Alpha.  She is an excellent LGD, making her rounds, keeping watch from a high place, checking on the livestock, never hassling livestock, but not a pushover.                                                                                                          We have retired Haven from our breeding program, and have sold her to make room for a different breeding female/possible downsizing.  Haven had two litters for us with Dawson, in ’11 and ’12.

Lemon’s Smokey Bear

 This is Lemon’s Smokey Bear, our first sire, and a livestock guardian for us for 2 years.    He is 8 years old and was bred and raised by Helen Lemon of MO.  He was originally taught to roam a large amount of acreage at her place, where he spent his first 4 years guarding sheep.  For us, he sired 4 litters and faithfully maintained guardian duties of our much smaller fenced in areas.   He is so sweet and gentle, except to predators.  He bears several scars of battles with various predators.  He is now the patriarch LGD on a large sheep farm (300+ head) with Hannah and at least 2 other Pyrs.

 Hannah of Legacy Farm

A sweet, laid back girl, and mommy several times.  Hannah loves affection, but is content at her “post”.  She was also raised in MO, part of a group of Pyrs guarding sheep, with Smokey, on large acreage.   They came to us at the same time.  She is 6 years old and an excellent livestock guardian,  Hannah had her last litter on August 9th, 2009 and was then spayed because it was the right time.  Hannah is a trustworthy, dependable, obedient Pyr.  Our Maddie is a granddaughter of Smokey and Hannah.

Hannah and Smokey have been purchased by  the owners of a large sheep farm in NE Kentucky.  We are delighted about this new home for Hannah and Smokey, guarding a very large flock with the help of some donkeys and herding dogs, and in the care of some wonderful shepherds.   We will always be grateful for the many contributions they made here, doing for us what we are not able to do for ourselves:  provide dependable 24 hour security service for our livestock, and the privilege of working with them and caring for them.  They also provided 16 (Hannah) and 27 (Smokey) beautiful Great Pyrenees Puppies at Legacy Farm.

In Memory of…

         Legacy’s Keen Nala

 Nala died unexpectedly on March 27, 2009 from a very rare bleeding disorder, after getting spayed.  She was an absolutely beautiful, calm, and lovable dog.  She loved playing with her 1/2 sister, Kiara, and lounging with the cows.  She was an excellent livestock guardian.  We are missing her and so is Smokey, who was her current partner in the large pasture.  We deeply appreciate our vet, Dr. Alex Shelley, who worked hard w/his team to try to save Nala.  This is a difficult part of farming and life.