Great Pyrenees Puppies


“Jewel” and “Thunder”- Litter mates from the fall 2009 “Hannah” x “Smokey” litter

Please read our Owning, Breeding, and Training Great Pyrenees  page for more info about our philosophy in this endeavor.  Our goal is to raise about 1-2 litters of GP per year, so we do not always have puppies for sale.  We do not have kennels, but all of our adults work on our farm, providing protection on our 7.5 acres, and much enjoyment for us and for them.   They enjoy their jobs!  We are committed to our dogs and their pups, so please understand if we want to hear more about your situation.  Also, please know that, in the event that your situation changes, we will always take a Legacy Farm Pyr back, or help to find a new home.  There are many Pyrenees or Pyrenees crosses in rescue these days.  We want to do all we can to help combat misunderstanding and poor husbandry, by offering support, passing on educational helps, and standing by responsible owners who have blessed us by coming to Legacy Farm for their valuable Great Pyrenees pet or LGD!   We encourage spay/neuter in most cases, and will gladly discuss what we have learned about raising intact vs. altered dogs.

“Kit” – Beautiful badger-marked female from Maddie x Dawson, January 2013

We guarantee our puppies!   In the event that a puppy would have a congenital health issue, we will do all we can to make it right, by providing a new pup, or refunding purchase price, for 27 months, as long as the puppy has been cared for properly!    Problems, if they arise, normally show up within the first year. Overall, well-bred Pyrs are not plagued by health issues as are some large breed dogs.   

We ask $600.00 for limited AKC Registration, and $800.00 for unlimited AKC registration, for our 8-12 week old puppies.

 If putting down a deposit, we ask that you send $150.00.  Deposits are refundable unless we have been put in a bind.

Older puppies or dogs that are occasionally available will be priced according to the individual, knowing we have invested much more time, feed, vet care, etc., into allowing for their excellent development.