Our Farm

Great Pyrenees Puppies…

from Hannah x Smokey, Fall 2009.  Back row, l to r:  Gage, Jewel, Dixie, and Thunder.  Front puppy:  Trapper.

 Warren and Wilson, our Tamworth feeder hogs, born Jan.2012

One of the twin St. Croix hair lambs that were born March, 2012. 

Haven and Vista, the Dexter milk cow we sold in the fall of 2011.  We no longer keep Dexter cattle, but they are great!

Fall has ushered in cooler temps and tired homesteaders.  We are eager to get our steer and feeder hogs (now almost 200 # each) to Marksbury Farm for processing.  We have started the turkey harvest, taking 6 for the freezer last weekend (end of September).  We have one more chicken tractor’s batch of meat chickens being slowly moved about our pasture.  Our pasture is looking better each year, as we continue to rotate different livestock and poultry over the grass.  Their manure enriches the soil, and adds organic matter to create more topsoil.  We are still learning so much.  Amy Jo will be attending the November 2012 Weston A. Price Nutrition Conference this year.  We also read much, and continue our eduction however possible.  This has been a challenging year, due to warm winter we had, and the very hot summer.  Our squash was decimated by pests, and we got little rain.  We have downsized our homestead numbers, keeping the very minimum we can to keep working toward our vision of raising as much of our own food as possible, while still maintaining balance.  A tough order!  Our Louisville, Kentucky homestead has 5 adult AKC Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardians, 2, 7-mo male Pyrs, 1 adorable female newborn puppy, 6 ADGA Nubian Does, 3 ADGA Nubian bucks (1 for sale!), an ABGA Boer doe, laying hens, an Angus cross steer, 4 gardens, 7 people, a St. Croix ewe and ram, 4 Red Bourbon turkeys for breeding, 11 Red Bourbon turkeys being raised for the freezer, and 31 Cornish Cross meat birds.   Thanks for visiting our website. It is part of our homesteading endeavor, and is maintained by Tyler and Amy Jo.

 If you wish to contact us, please email both Amy Akin (amyjoakin@bellsouth.net) and Jeff Akin (jeff.akin@trane.com), or call us at 502-231-8312 or 502-548-2173. 

Here is “Odara,” a Kiara x Dawson pup, sold to a local KY family farm in May of 2012.

She was freshly bathed and groomed to go home….they clean up good!