Maddie x Dawson Puppy Update


 This was Maddie and Dawson’s second litter, spring ’13

All pups have been sold.  We hope to breed Maddie and Dawson again in the fall, if all goes according “to plan.”  Thanks to all the new owners!

“Sadie” is a beautiful, white female.  We have noticed Sadie’s independence from early on.  She is sweet and friendly, but also one of the more “mature” pups in her actions.  Sadie is suitable for breeding/show.  Sadie is SOLD to an Ohio family farm as a farm/family companion (with one other Pyr).

“Kit” from a slightly side perspective.  She as been a striking badger-marked female from day 1.  Kit is the most dominant puppy in the litter.  She is very smart, and she will appreciate an important job.  She reminds me most of her dam, Maddie.  Kit, like all of our puppies, is well-socialized and like us very much, but is quite business-like in her focus.  She will do well with clear and good leadership, and she reminds us very much of her dam in personality and work ethic.  She really likes being out in the pasture with her charges.  “Kit” has been sold to a family/working farm in central KY as their second Pyr.

“Sophie” is beautiful, and sweet.  She stands up for herself, but is not dominant.  She would be a suitable breeding female, and a loving girl.  Sophie as been sold to a family farm in Alabama.  She will be their first Great Pyrenees LGD.


“Marie” is a sweet, affectionate, and confident pup.  She loves the animals and will make a great guardian.  She is so sweet, though, I can easily see her as a therapy dog or family pet.  Marie is a treasure, beautiful, and loves to look you in the eye.  Marie has been sold to a family home in Louisville, KY, as their 3rd Pyr, in succession.

“Joy” is a fun, joyful, spunky girl that captures the heart of those who meet her.  She is white, correct and beautiful, and suitable for breeding/show.  Joy is SOLD.  She is a second Pyr and family pet in KY.

Pictured Below:  “Sampson” is a stunning badger-marked male.  The largest of his litter, and a glutton for the affection of his sisters and all of the people who meet him.  He is a breeding and show prospect, confident and affectionate.  Sampson has been SOLD.  He is a second Pyr at a family farm in KY.