Maddie x Dawson Fall 2013 Litter 6.5-Week Update

No more puppies!

Last update:  Maddie and Dawson’s pups have been moved into an enclosure with two Nigerian doeling, without their dam!  Yep, they have been completely weaned and they don’t seem too sad about it.  There is too much to explore in their new area to spend time looking for mom, and they also take much comfort with one another.  They eat their kibble twice each day, plus treats here and there, and still some occasional raw goats milk and eggs.  Their new owners are coming soon on those that have been matched.  This litter has continued to be the most docile and calm litter overall, that we have seen.  There is something very pleasant about them, even as a group (although the “mob mentality” does prevail at times).  They are well socialized and it is no surprise when realizing how easy it is to get drawn toward them whenever outside.  It is so inviting to go into their area, sit down, and just receive all kinds of love and affection.  It is truly therapy for me throughout the day.  4 of 5 pups have been matched.  First vet visit and shots Monday, 10/7.  All pups received excellent report and did well on the trip.  3rd round of deworming this week.  They are ready to go!  Updated 10-8-13

Latest update:  December 8, 2013   We miss the pups.  This last litter of 5 was THE BEST, but we sort of say that a lot.   Maddie and Dawson have absolutely wonderful puppies.  They were all so sweet and gentle, fun, and eager to please…every, single one of them.  We are hearing great reports back from all 5 owners, which we love, of course.  If we don’t end up breeding anymore, this was the most lovely note to end on.

Riley was sold to a family home in S. Indiana

Tillie was sold to a family home in KY.

David was sold to a Ohio sheep farm as a 2nd Pyr guardian, working with another Legacy Farm GP, a Kiara x Calyspo female, named Francis.


Goliath was sold to a MO farm as a future sire and LGD.

Solomon is now in training to be a therapy dog for traumatized children in Evansville, KY.