Legacy’s Mighty Dawson

 Great Pyrenees sire – Legacy’s Mighty Dawson

DOB:  June 2009

“Dawson” is our current sire, raised to replace Lemon’s Smokey Bear in our breeding program. He was bred and born at Blackhavens Farm in Ohio and we are excited about having him here. Dawson’s sire and dam are beautiful and dedicated Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardians, and have proven to deliver healthy, well-dispositioned puppies through previous litters. Dawson was raised with Nubian dairy goats and Icelandic Sheep for 5 months before coming to us, but he is a full-time poultry guardian for us.  Dawson has a wonderful disposition, gorgeous conformation, and catches the eye of almost every visitor to our farm.  He is regal and handsome. Dawson is our only pure white Great Pyrenees breeding dog. We wait at least 2 years and make sure our dogs are sound via health checks before incorporating them into our breeding program. Dawson turned 2 in June of 2011, and received his passed hip and elbow status from OFA shortly thereafter.

 Dawson, January 2012, guarding livestock in our small pasture.  This picture shows his conformation well.  Dawson almost always assumes a “trot” when meandering around his enclosures.  He trots effortlessly and beautifully, showing his good form AND function.  Dawson’s coat is “fluffier” than the females we own.  I actually prefer the flatter, less dense coats, but they are not as flashy.  The coats from Dawson’s litters have been a mix;  some flat like the dams’ coats, some fuller like Dawson’s, and some a blend.

For a long time (almost 1 year), Dawson sat back and watched most of the time. We saw confirmation about how Pyrs vary greatly in their “age of accountability.” By this I mean that we did not see Dawson exhibit the appropriate LGD behavior until then. When it came on, it REALLY came on. Dawson is a vigilant, energetic, and fearless livestock guardian. He is also extremely obedient to us, including our youngest family member, who is 5.  We are working w/Dawson more than any of the Pyrs on obedience work (sit, stay, etc) and hope to have his certification completed. Dawson is wonderful Pyr, and we have high hopes for his continued career as a LGD and a breeding stud!  He has sired 1 litter with Kiara, 2 with Haven, and 2 with Maddie, so far.

You can see why he attracts the attention and praise of nearly everyone who comes to our farm.  He is a flashy boy!!

Dawson shines in watchfulness, obedience, build, good looks, and personality!  He is very happy with “his girls,” already.



 Our Dawson loves this old farrowing hut, and always spends time up on it when in the little pasture.  Because of the slope on the back, he can climb up and be the “King” on his throne.  Behind him in the top picture is our portable meat chicken “tractor,” used to raise healthy meat and fertilize our pasture.  Below I have zoomed out, showing some of the livestock that were in that pasture with him at the time.  Flash, a 6 mo Dawson son, was also in that small pasture, but he was resting/watching up in a far, high, corner.  Sometimes a team will position themselves together, but often they will occupy different vantage points.