Legacy’s Madeline To The Rescue

 Legacy’s Madeline to the Rescue


DOB:  September 2009


“Maddie” relaxing in the poultry yard, Fall 2011

Maddie in the poultry yard, March 2012

Maddie, pictured above at 4 and 1/2 months.

Maddie has been a pleasure to raise, since acquiring her from Kinder Kreek Farm when she was 9 weeks old. As a puppy, she was always happy and playful, sometimes w/straw dangling off of her, bounding from dog to dog, cow to goat, or person to person. Interestingly, however, as playful and sweet as she has always been, her “guard” was fully functioning by 6 mos of age. Maddie is serious, and quite diligent in her duties. She is fast and agile, and stands out among our other Pyrs in these abilities. She can vertically jump from a stand still. She does not hang back, but likes to be a “forward” dog. She was easy to train to poultry (only ONE “accident”), and we can put her with any and all livestock or poultry with confidence.

We purchased Maddie from the owners of a Hannah X Smokey  (see reference Pyrs) female, from her first litter.  Thus, our Maddie is Hannah and Smokey’s granddaughter! We are very pleased and thankful to be able to continue their bloodlines in our breeding program, and we think she is very beautiful and correct in conformation, coat, and disposition. Maddie is lively and versatile, smart and dedicated, much like our Kiara, and seems to easily communicate her needs, and “listen” to what we try to communicate to her.  She is a delight.

Maddie turned two in September 2011 and passed her hips and elbows via OFA certification shortly thereafter.

Update June 2013:  Maddie had her first litter in the spring of 2012, and her second in early 2013.   Maddie is a wonderful dam, attentive but still fully engaged in her normal guardian duties as soon as the litter is moving along nicely.  She likes us to get her and the puppies outside as soon as possible.  Her mammaries are high and tight, and her milk supply is generous.  Because her condition was very good after her smaller spring litter, we decided to go ahead and breed her again.  Her 3rd litter is beautiful!  She has raised her litters (8 pups, 6 pups, 5 pups) with ease and they have been uniform, strong, and excellent all around.   After this third litter we will be waiting at least 1 year to breed Maddie again.  She has done very well, but we want to make sure not to ask too much of these girls.

 Maddie is so pretty!  This shows her excellent head shape and facial/ear conformation.