Great Pyrenees

Our Great Pyrenees Breeding Program – Puppies are $600.00 (Pet/LDG) or $800.00 (LGD/pet for breeding/show)

 We don’t breed Pyrs haphazardly; We put our hearts into it!!

Our Great Pyrenees Breeding Dogs

Great Pyrenees Puppies

Great Pyrenees Reference Dogs

“Flash,” from our Kiara x Dawson Spring 2012 litter.  Dawson is in the back ground, and “Mr. Bennett,” our ram, is resting nearby.  Flash and Dawson were guarding some small stock in our small pasture (about 1.5 acres).

Flash was sold to a nearby KY farm, where he now helps guard about 50 Icelandic sheep with two female adult Pyrs, Belle and Grace, from our Fall 2009 Smokey x Hannah litter.  He has a wonderful home and job!

March 2013  – Legacy’s Princess Kiara (6 yo spayed female) with Eleanore, our St. Croix ewe, and her 3 new lambs.  Kiara had 3 litters for us.