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Getting Into Boer Goats

By, Tyler Akin

During the North American International Livestock Exposition, down at the Kentucky Exposition Center, I had a chance to buy a Boer goat from a couple that had wanted to sell her in the sale ring, but had not been satisfied with the offers that they had gotten.

I had gone down to the show with some friends from North Carolina, but I had to leave at 2 p.m. Later, my mom and I went down to meet our friends for a goat sale. After a while, my friend and I went out into the hallway for a while. When we started back, we found my Mom and his Mom looking for us. My Mom asked, “Do you still want to get into Boer Goats?” She proceeded to tell me about this little doe that was for sale. We went to look very quickly at her, then we talked with her owner about her, for a while, before I decide to sleep on it.

The next day, after a lengthy discussion with the owner, I decided to buy her. We settled on a price, and then all of the registration papers were handed to me.

Getting her out of the Expo Center was challenging. She refused to cooperate and had to be forced along. Finally she refused to move and had to be lifted into the crate we used to get her home.

Once we got her home, we put her in a stall, were she stayed for several nights as I dewormed her and let her adjust to her new environment. We then put her in the chicken pen with Meadow and Mac.

Carmella is my first goat, and I am exited about what she could become. She is pregnant, and is due in February. I am hoping that she, and her babies, are the start of a business that will be extremely rewarding.