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Winter Days, A Christmas Calf, and Frozen Water?

Written on December 10, 2009, by Ellen

What do you think of when you think of winter? Christmas, snow, sledding, fun times with family and friends? Well, we think of those things too, but there’s just a few things we “farmers” (we don’t consider ourselves big-time farmers, AT ALL, and we have much respect and appreciation for those who are). Anyway, there’s just a few things we have got to add to the list of things we think of when we think of winter.

Remember what they say: When you’ve got animals to feed, you’ve got to do it, rain or shine. Or snow, or ICE, or hail, or 20 degree temperatures! All that comes rushing back to mind pretty quickly on the first cold day when we have to feed the animals: “Oh, yeah, I remember breaking up water buckets frozen solid over with ice!” Very fun pastime. Good gloves are essential for it. When it freezes, the hose freezes too. So we fill up water when we can, because otherwise we’re hauling it (from the kitchen sink). I know these things from previous experience. So yes, winter on the farm is hard (but rewarding, just like all seasons on the farm), but a little (okay, a lot) of preparation goes a long way!

This year, Keery (one of our Irish dexter cows), is due to give birth to her second calf as early as Christmas day. We are excited about it! And, we are really hoping she’ll have a heifer (female) calf. I think we should name her “Noel”. Vista, our black dexter heifer, is as fat as Keery. Sympathetic weight? Maybe. In fact, we’ve asked ourselves again and again if there would be any way that Vista could be pregnant too (we don’t think so). But two calves would sure be an adventure. Just one calf will be. I can see it now: All of us rush downstairs on Christmas morning, eager to open presents and rummage through stockings. All of the sudden, Mom remembers “I should check on Keery”. She bundles up and runs down to the barn. She’s back in a second- with the news that “Keery’s in labor!” That will be OUR Christmas morning!

CALF UPDATE!: Keery gave birth to a female (YAY!) calf. She is black, like her mom. We named her Chloe. I will upload pictures soon.