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Caring For Our Poultry

By Abby Akin 1/4/10

Hi, I’m Abby Akin, and I’m going to write about caring for our poultry. Most of the time, my mom and I care for the poultry.

Our chickens act the same way every day. We have 18 Laying hens. In the daytime, they scratch for bugs, grass, and food that has been spilled or thrown out for them. When they scratch for food, they use both their feet in a motion almost like a dog digging, but one foot at a time. Our chickens also lay eggs. When a hen wants to lay an egg, she goes into a nest box with straw and sits for a while until she lays an egg. The chickens tend to lay more eggs in the summer than in the winter. When it is nighttime, most of the hens sleep on branches or boards that are nailed inside their house. This type of sleeping behavior is called, “roosting”. The chickens might not have that many different things to do each day, but they’re always doing something.

Our chickens require proper care to prosper. We spend 15-20 minutes,twice a day, in their area, doing chores. In the morning we give them mixed, crushed grains, and a special kind of processed con and wheat mix, called “scratch”, that we sprinkle on the ground for them. At night we make sure they have at least some food in their food pans. We also collect their eggs and close up the nest boxes. In the morning we open them. To close or open the nest boxes we have chicken wire, that we have secured on the top of the nest boxes, that we pull down so that they cannot sleep in them. We pull it up in the morning so they can lay their eggs. We also clean up their area and give them fresh water, as needed. Every few weeks we must change the shavings and straw in their nest boxes. Before you get chickens, make sure you know how to properly care for them! Our chickens require proper housing, fencing, and protection, to survive, and be healthy. For housing our chickens live in a shed. The shed is about 6ft. by 10ft. Inside of it we have put their roosts, nest boxes, some water, and food. We have taken the wooden floor out of their house, so that they have dirt to scratch, and take dirt baths in.