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A View of “Mini-farm” Life

December 2010

By, Tyler Akin

Farm life is different and often more “strenuous” then “Normal” life. But our farm is less strenuous than larger farms simply because of the size of our operation. Our farm is also not our only source of income, which I think would add to the stress of farming. Farms that are as small as ours can be more conducive to maintaining good sanitation, because we have fewer animals, plenty of room for them, and work hard maintain good animal husbandry. Because of this, we believe our animals to be healthy and, therefore, we believe the food that they produce is healthy. Farms that rely on farming for income must also have a much larger plot of land, must have many more animals, (if it is a meat or dairy farm) and must have at least some equipment and machinery, to efficiently run the farm. With the size of our operation we don’t need to have all of that. We can run our farm, 365 days a year without needing to have any help except when we go on trips. Now, it is helpful to have the same person that helps us while we are on trips come over once or twice every two weeks just so we can have a break from doing the animal chores. So our farm is relatively easy to handle without help.

In the morning, Mom, with two of the kids, will do chores, while the other two kids will start on school. Or, if Ellen is off of Chore “Duty,” she will usally ride Molly, who is her pony who she is training.┬áIf the chores are started by 7:30, we can get chores done by 8:30( in the winter time), and then we are off on our day. So it is very do able for us to have a farm but still be able to get everything else that we need to get done, done.

Is it stressful at times? Of course! It is stressful for about everyone on Legacy Farm because of having to do chores every day. My Mom says she is stressed during storms because trees could fall on our hot wire, and make the wire short out. Also if that happens the animals could escape their pens. It was stressful for Mom when most of the plants in the big garden that we planted this year died because of the drought.

If farming is a lot of unnecessary stress, why farm? Because,for some people, the good outweighs the bad. What is a little stress compared to having something like a farm to share with your children, to teach them responsibility and confidence? Now, I am not saying that I always enjoy the animal chores, or getting up and doing them when its 10 degrees outside; believe me, that is no fun. But if you have a farm you must be responsible for it, which means no matter how cold it is, the chores must be done, and I must help with them every other morning and every night. From my point of view I understand that farming is a good thing. Being able to run the farm, and provide healthy meat, milk, eggs, fruit, and vegetables for our family is great, even though it requires some patience, and faith!

Having a farm teaches us a lot about life, and Creation; God has planned it all and He is so amazing! You do not have to have a farm in order to raise your kids, but it is a way of life that is extremely rewarding. At times I wish for a “normal” life, but I am privileged to have been able to spend seven years of my life on a farm. I am also privileged to have a wonderful Mom and Dad , who walk with the Lord, home school us, take care of their bodies, and help us take care of our own bodies. What it comes down to is what you want for you and your children; everyone has a story, and everyone has a plan that God has given them. If He has given you a desire for a farm, great, and if He has not a farm great too. Like I said, I have been privileged to spend seven years on a farm, but is a “mini” farm what I want to have when I grow up? I don’t know, I’m still figuring that out!