ADGA Reference Goats

Reference Does

Do Re Meadows Seraphina  –  Purebred Nubian

“Sera” – DOB:  01/31/2012

“Sera” hails from the same small farm as “Josie.” Do to ever changing needs, we have sold “Sera”. 

Legacy Goat’s Sweet Sierra (right) “Sierra”  — Doeling, 2012

Sierra is from Chamomile, by N. KY WindyAcres MacAllister, “Mac”

 Legacy Goats Meadowsweet — Purebred Nubian

“Meadow” is a daughter of Melody and Cayenne.  She did not get the flashy colors herself, but she did consistently pass them along while we had her.

Nut Farm Nubians Peckerwood  – American Nubian

“Pepper” was one of our original two milkers and was an excellent producer for us for several years.  She was sold in 2010 to another family to continue her milking career.  We retained one of her twin does from that year, Rosemary.

 Nut Farm Nubians Melody Thyme – Purebred Nubian

We bought “Melody,” in N. Carolina, as a bottle baby and retained her through 4 years of kidding before selling her.  Melody is a great milker, and a dream to hand milk due to excellent udder shape and function.  She is sweet, easy to handle, and gives birth to gorgeous babies (usually belted).  Melody was sold with “Big,” a four month old Great Pyrenees puppy,  and two of our other does.   They live together on another KY farm.

In Memory of Legacy Goat’s Chamomile — Purebred Nubian

“Chamo” was born to Meadow, sired by Prince Caspian.  We had her for 3 years.  Chamo was a great doe, with a super udder for hand-milking, inherited from her granddam, Melody.  She had a fun personality as well!  Sadly, Chamo contracted bloat due in the spring of 2012, and died.  It was very sad for all of us who knew her.  As always, we have learned much from this experience, and hope to have become better shepherds for future goat and livestock care.  We all miss Chamo, and are glad for the time we got to have her.

Reference Bucks

Legacy Goat’s Captain – Purebred Nubian

DOB:  05/01/12

Sire:  N. KY. WindyAcres MacAllister       Dam:  Legacy Goat’s TLC Kashi

Captain was sold November 2012

Nut Farm Nubians Cayenne’s Hot!

Purebred Nubian

DOB:  February 2007

Sire:  Keeverland’s George Levi

Dam:  Nut Farm Nubian’s Maisie

 Cayenne was sold in 2007

Legacy Goat’s Crusader’s Hot!

Purebred Nubian

DOB:  March 2009

Sire: Nut Farm Nubians Cayenne’s Hot!

Dam:  Nut Farm Nubians Melody Thyme

 Crusader was sold in 2009.

 Twin Meadows Prince Caspian

*Caspian has been sold to a farm in Western Kentucky as of fall 2010*

“Caspian” is a very nice, big buck.  He has beautiful coloring and excellent ears.  Caspian is a Purebred Nubian, with an impressive show pedigree on both sides.  He is one of the sweetest animals you’ll ever meet, and we were sad to see him leave our farm.

Spots of Sandale Rocket Knight

*Rocket has been sold to a farm in Indiana, 2010.*

“Rocket” is a very nice, stocky buck.  He is solid black with a white crown but has a strongly black and white spotted heritage, hailing from Spots of Sandale Farm.   Rocket is a Purebred Nubian.

“Windy Acres MacAllister,” registered ADGA

Mac was purchased last year from Windy Acres Farm in N. Kentucky.  His bloodlines include many goats that have been proven in the show ring.  We do not show, but we appreciate that the goats that win shows and earn championships often do so because they have great characteristics!  Whenever we bring in a new buck, we look for the best one we can find, so that we are always improving our small herd.   Mac stands impressively, and moreso as the months roll by.  He is a proven sire, and a pleasant animal to work around.  He is the sire of Mr. Tucket (2011) and the sire Chamo’s twin buck and doe (2012) and Kashi’s twin bucks (2012).  We are happy with all of these 2012 kids!

“Legacy Goats’ Mr. Tucket,” registered ADGA

Legacy Goats Mr. Tucket is out of “Mac” and “Chamomile,” born in April 2011.  When he was born, he looked rather plain.  However, as he grew, he becamed flashier and flashier!  He also has a very sweet disposition.    Mr. Tucket was bred to Rosemary for spring 2012 kids, and they are awesome!   We retained Tucket’s dam because of the udder genetics she carries through her line.   We purchased Mac to further improve the characteristics of our dairy goats.  Mr. Tucket is an awesome buck, and now resides on BlackHavens farm in Ohio.  We will be retaining his buckling, and maybe his doeling, too.

Mr. Tucket…one nice Buck

Sire: Mac, Dam: Chamomile

DOB: April 2011