ADGA Nubian Does

Do Re Meadows Josephine – Purebred Nubian

“Josie” – DOB: 03/16/2009

Sire:  Sadda Bearly Bruin           Dam:  Do Re Meadows Oreo’s Esperanza

“Josie” was purchased as a dry doe in 2012, because of her excellent bloodlines, especially on her sire’s side.  She was bred to Commander and kidded in March, giving us two FLASHY bucklings.  Josie is a very large doe, and is doing well with our milking routine.  Her bucklings have been weaned and we are milking her once a day.  At her peak this season she was raising her bucklings and giving us 1 1/2 quarts each morning.  Josie has been sold to another family farm in KY.

Legacy Goat’s RP Stevia (left, American Nubian), “Stevia”,  2012

Sire:  Legacy Goats Mr. Tucket        Dam:  Legacy Goats Rosemary Pepper

Stevia is from Rosemary, by Legacy Goat’s Mr. Tucket, “Tucket”

This Doeling is special to us, as she is the culmination of 6 years of breeding to carry on things we like (udder shape and function for hand-milking, awesome ears, and color), and efforts to improve those things that need improving (top-line straighter, broader chest). She carries the genetics from all some of our best goats, some we still have and some which have moved on.  She kidded for the first time in June with a SOLID BLACK buckling.  He is precious.  Stevia took to the milk stand quickly and easily, starting June 20th, 2013.  She appears to be a very attentive mother, so far, and kidded without assistance.  Stevia will be bred later this fall to Commander again, for late Spring kids, ’14.

Legacy Goat’s Rosemary Pepper  — American Nubian

“Rosey”  – DOB:  5/18/2010

Sire:  Twin Meadow’s Prince Caspian, “Caspian”      Dam:  Nut Farm Nubian’s Peckerwood, “Pepper”

“Rosey” is a beautiful doe, and a second-time freshener this year.  Her dam, “Pepper,” was one of our first milk does, and produced 3/4 gallon milking once/day and raising her kids.  She also had a “chilled” personality and was an extremely pleasant goat.  She was an American Nubian, so Rosey is as well, even though her sire is a Purebred Nubian. Thus, all of her kids will be American Nubian as well.  When she first freshened the first time in 2012, her teats were not overly friendly for hand-milking (a little large and short), but they changed rapidly for the better.  By half-way through her first season, she was a solid citizen on the  milk stand.  Now, kidding twins for her second freshening, a buck and a doe, she has further improved as a family milker.  Rosey does not give quite the volume of her dam, but at her peak this season she was raising her twins and giving us 1/2 gallon each morning.   Her first kids were by “Legacy Goat’s Mr. Tucket,” and this year’s are from our “Commander.”  Rosey will be bred to Commander again this fall for Spring ’14 kids.