About Us

We are the Akins, a family of 8 people…our newest member recently adopted from China… and many creatures. We live SE of the city of Louisville, Kentucky, on a 7.5 acre family farm. We desire to grow, raise, or produce as much of our own food as possible and raise  strong, healthy, well-trained animals. Some of our animals help us meet our family’s food needs while our livestock guard dogs (LGDs) keep all the critters safe, and others help us have fun and learn. We have been living a homestead lifestyle for 9 years, and have had Great Pyrenees as Livestock Guardians for almost 7 years. We are continually learning about sustainable farming, and seek to manage the farm to most efficiently meet our family’s needs as well as our desire to do things other than farm, too! We currently have 3 adult Pyrs, 1 Pyr teenager, 5 pyr pups, 3 ponies, 5 ADGA Nubian dairy goats, 2 registered St. Croix sheep, 2 St. Croix meat wethers, 2 Katahdin ewe lambs, 2 AGS Nigerian Dwarf does, 4 AGS Nigerian kids, 18 laying hens, 1 rooster, 9 Bourbon Red turkeys, 3 ducks, and 32 Cornish Rock broiler chicks.  I don’t know where summer went this year…the trip to China seemed the whole focus.  As fall comes to us, we are still harvesting garden produce, raising one more batch of meat birds (about 100 this year, raised and processed!), thankful to still have grass for the livestock, and trying to keep up with everything now that homeschool is back into a school-year routine.  We are thankful for the many blessings God has and continues to bestow on our family and efforts.

Our Farm does not…

provide our livelihood (Husband is employed full-time elsewhere), but it does provide many learning opportunities, much of our food, and, at times, some revenue to help with farm expenses. We occasionally have extra chicken or meat for sale, eggs for sale, or vegetables for sale. We sell goat babies each year, sometimes sell milking does or bucks, and sometimes other animals or fowl. We also offer for sale a limited number of beautiful, AKC, purebred Great Pyrenees puppies produced by our awesome Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardians and a lot of love and work by our family of 8.

Tyler, working with one of our female Pyr pups.  We carefully evaluate our puppies all along in order to help new owners make the right selection.