On this page, we have gathered some testimonials from past buyers:

So glad to hear you all are doing well & still breeding your Pyrs.  Mine have been absolutely wonderful.  If any potential customers want a reference, please feel free to have them contact me.  I’ll be happy to tell them about the lovely dogs you all raise. -F. A. Kentucky.  This owner has two females from Smokey x Hannah (2008) and 1 male from Dawson x Kiara (2012).  They all guard a small (50 head) sheep flock on 20 acres.
Kit is doing great.  Attached is a picture of her with the goat kids.  We are very happy with her!  Thank you again. -E.S., Central KY.   Kit is from Dawson x Maddie, spring ’13, and a boer goat guardian.
I have been wanting to write to you for a year now but never stopped to do just that. Hannah is a pure joy to have around! Her personality is adorable, she is very playful and very loving. -K. N. Colorado.  Hannah is a Smokey x Hannah female, 2008, and family pet.
I’m so glad that I came upon your website back then when we were looking for a pyr puppy.  We feel very lucky to have added Janey as a member of our family. -A. L. Alaska.  Jane is a Smokey x Kiara female, 2008, and family guardian.
All of the time and hard work were so worth it.  He [Gage] is a great dog! -R.G. Indiana.   Gage is a Smokey x Hannah male, 2009, and family farm guardian.

Einar continues to do GREAT! He is a good boy. -K.B. Michigan.   Einar is a Dawson x Maddie male, 2012, and breeding sire/sustainable production farm guardian (goats, cows, poultry, acreage).  His first litter was whelped by Aggie in May ’13 at Brittain Family Farms in Michigan.                                                              

We are so delighted with our new puppy, Cora. She is beyond our expectations for sweetness and gentleness. Cora is the best pup that we have ever experienced (and at our age, we have had many, many dogs). Tonight, Cora went for a mile long walk down to the river to go fishing with my 20 year old son. He is in love with her! She has fit into our family as if she has always been there…seamlessly… I cannot express in words how happy we are to have her in our lives!… Thank you for the care and effort you and your family have put into your pups. Cora is a remarkable and beautiful little girl! Please let us know if you have another litter of pups that might produce a compatible breeding male for Cora. We would be very interested in acquiring another male pup next year.. -C.S. NewHampshire.   Cora is a Dawson x Kiara female, 2012, and family pet.
I just wanted to give you an update on Elise. She is doing great now! As you can see in the pictures I’m sending, she has gotten a lot bigger, too! She is not chasing the sheep anymore and she seems to enjoy her job.  We can often hear her barking at night. She still swims in the water now and then, but it isn’t so much of a problem now that she is out on pasture full time (She doesn’t have as much of a chance to get muddy!). -A.N. Kentucky.  Elise is a spring ’12 Dawson x Maddie Puppy, and sheep guardian on a family farm (30 head).
Astro is doing fantastic. He and our swissy have become very close and hang out together all the time. We could not be more pleased with him. -R. T. Pennsylvania.  Astro is a Dawson x Kiara male, 2012, a family farm guardian
Petra is doing great.  We just love her!!  Responding very well to obedience training, also took right away to an invisible fence.  She comes with us everyday to the office, we now have “regulars” who stop in just to visit with her! All is well. -R. C. New Hampshire.  Petra, a spring ’12 Dawson x Kiara Puppy, is a family pet
…he [Caspian] is absolutely wonderful. We love his demeanor, he takes his job seriously, and he learns very well and quickly. Thank you for such a great dog. -E.B. Indiana.  Caspian is Dawson x Maddie male, spring ’12

Thank you again for providing us with Esther – who, like the woman in the Old Testament, protects her people. 🙂  We love her. -M.S. Kentucky.  Esther is a Dawson x Kiara female, spring ’12, a family farm guardian

Just wanted to share a photo of Angel and Noel.  Both are very loving toward us and both are good LGD’s. -C.A., Tennessee.  Angel is a Dawson x Haven female, Dec. ’11, and a poultry and livestock guardian.  Her partner, Noel, was a rescue this family acquired at the same time.  Angel is pictured on the left. 

Sadie is a pure joy. She has been such a wonderful puppy. I remember that you once mentioned how Sadie would sometimes just sit and stare at you in the barn, waiting to be petted. She still does this. Lots of times, when I go out to visit the pups, Sadie is very excited when I enter the kennel. But I am often impressed at how she is able to control her excitement by sitting down in front of me and just staring at me – with her tail wagging. In her behavior and interactions with people, she remains very mature for her age. -B.C., Ohio.  Sadie is a Dawson x Maddie female, spring ’13, and a family and farmyard dog